A nanny is not just someone who puts your child’s safety first. A nanny should also initiate creative playtime that fosters child development from the earliest years.

We will take care of your children

Who says common household items cannot also be toys? Sensory play is an accessible way for your child to become familiar with the world around him or her, developing his/her imagination and sensitivity to the environment.

In the morning we will say hello to the world of numbers, in the afternoon we will visit an exotic jungle or an unknown land, and in the evening we will discover international cuisines. The nanny will implement such a plan based on the engagement and curiosity of the child!

Building a different world using the things around us, or traveling through time to Ancient Rome or the age of dinosaurs? Nothing is impossible during our playtime.

The nanny will pick your child up from daycare, preschool, or school, when the parents cannot leave work on time to do so.

Our goal is to always meet your needs and expectations. This motivates our approach, tailored to each individual customer. We will respond as promptly as possible to any questions or concerns.
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The best parts of childhood are the never-ending list of tales from the playground, spontaneous creative games, memories of excursions (big or small!) to unknown places, and inside jokes shared with just the closest friends. We want to ensure that your children’s adventures are not limited to the digital/virtual environment, but rather that they serve as a starting point for exploring every inch of the world – from the surrounding nature, to foreign cultures and histories, to new emotions that they discover and learn how to handle on a daily basis.

We guarantee that our nannies are appropriately trained and have the passion and engagement to always search out non-trivial ways to connect and both with your children, while also giving them the freedom to create, explore their surroundings, use their imagination, and express themselves.

In preparing a program of activities for your children, we take into account any information you provide regarding the children’s interests, their favorite pastimes, or daily rituals, no matter how small. By getting to know your little one, the nanny is able to create an atmosphere, in which the child will feel confident and thus be able to develop his/her interests and learn new skills even in his/her parents’ absence.