Our cleaning services for apartments and houses are tailored to your needs.

We will take care of your home

Every space requires a different, specialized approach, so that your home is filled with harmony all year round.

We will make sure your home is sparkling clean, ready for any guests or holiday celebrations.

We’re not afraid of the dust or debris left behind after any kind of remodeling or renovation work.

Our deep cleaning will leave your windows shining all day, every day of the year.

Are your clothes never in the right place? We will organize your cloest, so that finding matching socks is no longer a daily challenge.

Our washers know fabrics, and they are sure to select the appropriate products to clean your clothes.

We truly believe that nothing guarantees comfort during social gatherings like elegantly ironed fabrics.

Using expertly selected cleaning products, we will restore a fresh look to any carpets and rugs that need a thorough cleaning.

Using your equipment, we will carefully and with precision cut even the most uncooperative patches of grass.

We will take care of your plants, so that they can be pleasing to the eye all four seasons of the year but especially during those lovely summer evenings.


We will supplement and deliver the necessary cleaning products.

Eco-friendly products.

Transporting clothes to the cleaner.

Let us know what you need, and we will do our best to help.

Our goal is to always meet your needs and expectations. This motivates our approach, tailored to each individual customer. We will respond as promptly as possible to any questions or concerns.
tel: +48 534 738 677

Our cleaning services for apartments and houses are tailored to the individual needs of the household members. To complete our work, we use the cleaning products already present in your home. However, upon special request we will complete your supplies with any remaining necessary products. **** Upon request, we are also able to complete our cleanin work using strictly natural, eco-friendly cleaning products, which our housekeeper or cleaner has been specially trained to use. We guarantee, that no matter the scope of the job, our team’s top priority is achieving the highest standard of service.